Thank God I found someone like you

 Whenever I was in the darkness that seemed endless,

You were my guiding light.

Whenever I felt as if I could no longer bear it,

You were tolerance personified.

Whenever my eyes glistened with happiness,

You were the reason.

Whenever I needed somebody to help me go on,

You were my angel.

You were and are my everything and all I can say is;

Thank God I have found someone like you.

Sana Khalid


A Minerís child

The siren told me my dad was in trouble.

Was he buried or trapped or even dead?

All these thoughts rushed through my head.

I knew it would happen, it always does.

Sometimes they get out, but sometimes they donít .

Perhaps my dad will or may be he wonít.

The thought of not seeing my day again

Filled me with fear and even pain.

Another bell told me that they had been found.

And slowly they were bringing my dad to the ground.

He was on a stretcher when I saw him first

Calling for water to quench his thirst.

He was groaning in agony because of the vain,

But I was glad just to see him again.

Anum Nadeem


Those precious years

As I lie on my bed

I remember those precious childhood years

When I was full of spirit and cheers.

I remember the day when I turned five

Wearing a hat and a frock

And running here and there

Showing it to everyone everywhere.

I remember where I used to pray.

I would be full of joy and gay

I remember watching the sun.

Setting behind the horizon,

And how astounding it had been?

Looking at the mesmellising scene!

I remember how wonderful it had been

Playing together in the rain

And making paper boats?

And watching whose boat farthest floats.

I remember how entertaining it had been,

Flying paper planes in the class,

And how warm and comfortable it had seemed,

Sitting in the lap of those who were dear.

And as I collect the memories,

My eyes filled with tears,

As I lie on my bed,

And remember those precious childhood years.

Sana Fatima



Life is a page

And I am a word.

Life is a cage

And I am a bird.

Life is a stream

And I am a drop.

Life is a painting

And I am a colour.

Life is a train

And I am a passenger.

Life is heading towards a destiny

Unknown to everyone,

Life is not a ďTempestĒ

Nor ďA mid summer nightís dreamĒ

It is ďA comedy of errorsĒ

So take it ďAs you like itĒ

Sana Khalid


Lyceum Girls

The Lyceum Girls,

Are like pearls.

They are bright.

But they donít like to flight.

The girls in my school

Are so cool.

Activity periods are for fun

When they give more work,

I want to run.

Sana Khalid



Life is a sea cross it.

Life is a question solve it.

Life is a flower smell it.

Life is a game win it.

Mariam Ehsan


The season dare

Spring and summer

Autumn and winter

In a year, with a care

Blooming of flowers and

Goldening the earth with light of sun

Falling of old with hope of entering the new and

Snowing in the time when the spring is near.

In a year, with care

Good as well as bad.

Seasons change as we change hat

Careless or fear

Season introduce peril

Famine and hurricane

Flood and avalanche

In a year, with a fear

So take care when the seasons dare.

Summiya Shahid


I donít like

I donít like when someone orders me

Specially when I am busy

Being me a glass of water

Or Iíll not give you a quarter

Go and bring me a cookie

And switch off that T.V

Go and find the T.v remote

I feel I am a robot

Go and arrange the dinning table

Come back and place that scrabble

Go and find who is at the door

And donít forget to bring me the drink once more

Drink once more

I am fed up of these orders, they give

Me a headache

I think I should take some tabletsÖ..

Madiha Iftikhar


Facts about money

Workers earn it

Spend thrift burn it

Bankers lend it

Taxers take it

Heirs receive it

Thrifty save it

Misers crave it

The rich increase it

Gamblers lose it

Wise men use it

Robbers seize it

Alina Saadat


Tips to remain healthy

Take time to laugh

It is the music to the soul.

Take time to play

It is the secret of health.

Take time to read

It is the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to think

It is the source of power

Spare time everyday

And be healthy and happy

Maham Asif


Eight days a week

I want to study

But everything in this world distracts me

And keep me busy seven days a week.

Monday, is the first day after the weekend

So Iím not in a mood to study

Tuesday, I try to study but my favourite television

Programme keeps me away from study

Wednesday, has to be spent with the family so I

Have no time for studies

Thursday, I make up my mind to study, but my

Cousins are spending the day with me.

Friday, its spent in making plans for Saturday night

Which has to be spent with friends?

Saturday, I have kept this day for friends, so studies have to be excused.

Sunday, itís a weekend and only nerds study on this day ahhhhh! I donít like to be called a nerd.

See, I try to study seven days a week, but still canít make it.

If there were eight days, I would definitely study on that day.

Ayiza Naveed