The little spider
Contributed by "Ahmed Class 6"

The little spider spins her home

A soft and silky bed!

So do not raise your hand to harm

Her gentle silver web!

I Wonder
Contributed by "Hafsah Tariq Class 4"
Contributed by "Umama Class 9"

Busy night and day she weaves

Spinning threads of beauty

She is Allah's little creature

Carrying out her duty.

I Wonder

All the time wonder

Why the clouds thunder

While the people slumber

Or while they eat cucumber

In the month of December

Or in September

Because it has no time

It mostly stops the crime

And there comes a lack of lime

Now no one can drink lemonade

So the colour of the life becomes fade

That’s all what I wonder

Gazing at the sky I wonder.


Today a rainy day...

splash splash

the water dripping on my face

makeing a smile on the flowers

that are colorful

a day with me a rainy day

a day with the smiling flowers

a day with the water

a perfect day

today a rainy day

A Mother
Contributed by"Ramsha Class8"
A Mother is someone to call upon during good
times or bad times
A Mother is someone who knows everything
You are going through all the time
A Mother is someone who tries to cheer you
When thing dont go well
A Mother is the extension of yourself
Without which you are not complete
Thank you for being my MOTHER