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The year 2000 brought along in its way an opportunity for lyceonians to work at much wider canvas with a broader perspective and while breaking down the barriers of colour, creed and cast-making friends for ever in UK schools through overseas partnership school programme. Lyceum tested the grounds quite tentatively at the beginning but now with the response at home and abroad it has flourished to many links with more UK schools. much better understanding and ardent participation from the students.

More grant for visits-and now for the first time a student would be accompanying the teachers to one of the schools in UK in march 2006. Lyceum has won first prize in the montage competition organized by the British Council , Pakistan. Four of its campuses are currently involved in various links projects. A number of Video conferencing sessions have been organized among the partners at the British Council.

Currently we have Global School Partnership Program with following Schools.

  b Moseley  
  b Green Mount Primary School  
  b Keith Grammar School  
  b Washwood School  


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