Moseley Visits Lyceum 2009
Lyceum Visits Moseley 2006
Reports of Visit 2006


We have our pride regarding our ever flourishing and maturing with Moseley school of England through the school linkage programme. This programme provides an absolute edge to the students and teachers of different cultural backgrounds to share their learning with one another, the learning which concerns and aims at the core vision and approach for a ceaseless progress.

The fortunate participants of this programme get an easy access to the facts and the information yet unknown to them. The honest beauty of the programme lies in facts on geographical difference or the differences of religion, caste, color, and creed are the part Of it.

People all over the world are linked here with minus discriminations. Miss. Noshen sarshar of Lyceum has visited Moseley school, three years back which added a great deal into her already widened vision and outlook on the contemporary educational system, and all she learnt there is aptly being practiced here.

Lyceum l-block campus feels pride for its active contribution to this relationship via sending greeting cards, event based photographs , educational data, informatory references regarding Pakistan and even students views on the present day world's circumstances.

Many more teachers are likely to visit the Moseley school at the end of March 2006, along with a lyceonian and also we are anxiously awaiting the gracious visits of our fellows from Moseley in February 2006.

The remarkable involvement of Miss Nosheen Sarshar, Mrs Bushra Anees, Mr. Faisal Javed,Miss Saima ,Mrs mariam junaid and Mr. Mohsin Ali made the success of the programme a reality.



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