A three day workshop on hazards of smoking was conducted in Lyceum with the collaboration of Leeds UK and Institute of Public Health Lahore.

Students of primary level grade IV and V were given awareness on the smoking hazards; they were given a questionnaire to fill. Students were than asked to discuss with their parents and family members about the harmful effect of smoking. Not only were they asked to stop members of their family to smoke.

Survey Conducted in Pakistan by the students of Lyceum
This survey consisted of some questions related to the cigarette contents and the harmful effects caused by smoking. It was meant to see or gather the views of students and it was intended to extract their views on smoking and its harmful aspects. 

Moreover students were educated about the risk caused by passive smoking. It just not that only the person who just smoke directly gets affected by the vulnerability caused by smoking but also the person who stands with him and inhales the smoke indirectly. As it is a common saying “FIRE AT ONE END AND FOOL AT THE OTHER END” all of us should keep this in mind to make our homes smoke free.