Announcement Chief Executive

Message from the Chief Executive

The Lyceum Education System is proud of winning laurels by grooming the students through the spirit of competition, thus has played a vital role in awakening the educational, literary and creative aptitudes with a flourish of curricular activities. In view to that we have accorded the environment conducive to effective and ideal education and training.

We have the best network of curricular and co-curricular activities, moral education and training, science laboratories, computer labs and other disciplines. It is the duty of students to concentrate entirely on education devotedly and diligently, thereby our target is the curricular activities side by side with co-curricular activities that are defective without the former.

Moreover, our real target is the realization of paradise by means of God’s grace. This is the way that calls for implicit faith in God. We are bound to avoid obscenity and shamelessness, to spread truth, to comply with all the injunctions, especially saying prayer in time.

We pray to Almighty Allah that he should confer his blessings upon us. (Ameen)

Chief Executive